Cum with my hands daddy!

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Description: You saw your little girl growing and now....she is almost woman. And you start to see her from different angle. Not just like step-daddy's girl...more like absolute taboo desire! When she walk now around the house in her girly must really control your self! But one thing you don't understand...she always giving you ,,that look ,, and you are confused...if it's look like ,, I want you step-daddy ,, or are you just going mad! You jerk your cock every evening in the shower but even so, you can't get rid of the imagination of your step-daughter! And when you stay alone with her for whole just happened! And you didn't need to say a word to your step-daughter! It was her...who wants to feel her step-daddy's hard cock in her hand! She take a oil and make your cock nice slippery and start to massage your cock! You felt like in heaven...your step-daughter is worshiping your swollen dick! And she is so good, with slow and passionate moves. Using and switching both of her hands...touch and push right parts in the right moment! How long you'll be able to keep your seed in? wish it never ends...but it's more pleasure then you can take. You were think and dreamed of this moment for so long! And when she says...cum for me explode!!! Hearing those words from your step-daughter mouth is so incredibly perv! You won't keep your cum any longer and give her hands nice, big & warm load!!!
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