Wool Shed Fuck

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Description: Models Kenji, Lucinda & Ryan James. Adding to our LightSouthern installment special cums Woolshed Fuck. Ryan James meets Kenji & Lucinda in an outback hotel and local Kenji, noting the chemistry between the pair takes them for a sexy rendezvous in a nearby woolshed. Kenji shows great restraint as she observes Ryan spank Lucindda with a leather belt before Lucinda takes his rock hard cock into her wet mouth. Watch as Ryan restraints Lucinda to a post with his neck tie, fucking her with his long fingers before bending her over and taking her from behind as Kenji physically supports her friend staring deep into her blissful eyes. Poor Kenji is left dripping wet with no reprieve…. We don’t think so, keep your eyes peeled for Waterfall Fuck cumming soon with GOW wet dream machine Laney Day.
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