Sissy's Last Orgasm

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Description: Mistress Mackenzie is giving her sissy slut one final orgasm before a life of permanent chastity begins. She isn't always a cruel Mistress as she wants her sissy to have completely empty balls before the slut is denied forever. She makes her sissy show her his moves as he humps and fucks her hand one final time. He is going to become a true sissy where the only pleasure he will have going forward is by his ass filled and fucked. His wardrobe will always consist of pink and white frills so leaving the house may a problem but that isn't a worry for Mistress Mackenzie. He wanted to become a sissy and now he will be. Mistress Mackenzie strokes and edges a huge load out of his balls then introduces him to a mouth full of cum. No sissy is complete without cum sliding down their throat as he enters his new sissyfilled life.
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