Secret Sissy Lover - Emily Willis

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Description: You get so jealous seeing my young, tight body dressed up in the sexiest lingerie wishing you could be me. Don't worry I want to help you become the cutest sissy slut you fantasize about being as I transform you into my whore. I am going to allow you to even be my dress-up dolly and wear this pink lingerie wrapped tightly around the curves on my body. Now rip those boy clothes off and throw them in the trash as you have no use for them anymore. I am going to turn you into my secret lesbian lover kept completely under my control and made to do the naughtiest of things a sissy only dreams about. Ohhh I see your cock loves the feeling of my panties gripped tightly around it as it begins to get extra hard for me. Now pull it to the side, grab it tightly and show me just how much you love being my sissy slut bent over ready to take any and everything I give you. Stroke for me sissy! -xxxo Mistress Emily Willis
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