Time Bound (1hr 15min of extreme!) Day 2

Duration: 1:19:17 Views: 3.2K Submitted: 1 year ago
Description: Model Noemie Bilas. On Day 2 of her visit, Noemie talked with Dr. Mercies about how 2020 has been a lost year. They agreed to fight back against the cruel forces of time together by defying its rules. The result is one of the most twisted, surreal, creative, and yes, brutal sessions you've seen. It's hard to describe a session like this, because everything here is so creative that it's all new in a way. But on the most basic level, you will find very rough anal, merciless ass beatings, extended piss drinking play, and prolonged anal filth. This session goes low at the same time that it flies high. You will never see anything like this anywhere else. Best thing of all, it is 100% authentic and shot in real-time. Others fake it, we make it.