Mother Betrayed - Cory Chase

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Description: Scene one: Pulled to the bed "Please don't, you don't have to do this!" Cory shouts at her son as she's dragged onto her bed. He's had enough of her and it's time to show her who's boss. He rips open her shirt and grabs her huge tits. Taking her by the throat he forces his big cock into her crying mouth. The big cock fills and stretches her pussy. She's used like a fuck doll that can only lay there and take it. Then something worse happens, he slides his wet cock from her pussy to her ass. He pins her down and cum all over her perfect face. The worst part.. deep down inside, she came on his cock like a whore. Includes blowjob, anal, facial. Scene two: Never shower alone Her son is away and for the first time Cory feels like she can move through the house freely. She's trying to forget what happened to her, she goes to take a shower when her other son bursts into the bathroom. He forces her to the floor and shoves his dick into her mouth. He pins her against the bathroom door and fucks her tight warm pussy. She moans against her will and pleads with him. Her hair is pulled back and she is drilled until she feels her orgasm coming. He presses her face into the wall and cums deep inside her and shoots his load all over her spankable ass. She feels like a shower will never get her clean again! Includes facefuck, standing sex, cumshot on ass. Scene three: Breakfast predicament It's early Sunday morning and Cory is softly woken by her husband feeling her tits. He just can't get enough of them. She opens her eyes to have a frisky morning only to see it's her son. Before she can scream he puts a rag over her face and knocks her out. Cory wakes tied and gagged by her son, his big cock drills her hard and fast, using her for his sick pleasure. She's forced to get on top of him and ride him as if she likes it. He pulls down the gag, not to let her talk but to shoot his hot load into her crying face. "Son, please untie me" Cory begs as she's left alone, cum dripping down her face. Includes prone bone, reverse cowgirl, facial.