Boffing The Babysitter

Duration: 34:08 Views: 624 Submitted: 8 months ago
Description: Haley Reed is a babysitter who works for Jason Moody. She drops by Jason's house to thank him for driving her home last time... and to ask him why he didn't fuck her. Jason is shocked, asking what she's talking about. She says it was late at night, and they were alone in the car, so she would've been happy to at least give him a blowjob. Jason reminds Haley that he's a married man, and says she should leave. Later that day, Haley climbs up the side of Jason's house and gives him a sexy view, removing her clothes so she can flaunt her body for him. Jason is surprised at her persistence, but admits that she's gorgeous. Haley says she KNOWS that he wants her. She's clearly right, because Jason then licks Haley's pussy, enjoys a blowjob from her, and fucks her in various hot positions!