Crimes Gone Wrong Stalling For Time

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Description: Arresting Officers: Officer John Richards Officer Kyle Lucas Officers Richards and Lucas, responding to a report of breaking and entering, arrive on-scene at 9:17pm. The following sequence of events took place before officers arrived and was pieced together by investigators using plaintiff's testimony and footage (from plaintiff's and perpetrators' cell phones along with the home's security camera) recovered from the scene. At approximately 8:45pm, 18-year-old female - 'Vina' (real identity protected) - is home alone and video-chatting with a friend when Vina hears a suspicious noise in the home. She investigates, discovering that two unidentified male assailants wearing ski masks have entered the home. The intruders are not aware of Vina's presence at this point. Scared, Vina instructs her friend to alert police while she hides from assailants and waits for officers to arrive on-scene. Officers Richards and Lucas subsequently dispatched to scene at 8:53pm. Vina, hiding under the family piano, is promptly discovered by assailants. Suspects debate with each other about 'what to do with her.' Vina, clearly fearing for her safety and wanting to stall for time, offers to have sexual relations with one suspect while the other films from his cell phone. FULL REPORT HAS BEEN PROVIDED TO COURTROOM OFFICIALS FOR FURTHER REVIEW.