I don’t normally like redheads, but there’s something about you!

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Description: One of my first questions for Kenzie Taylor was about how well her porn career has been going. “Pretty amazing actually, and there are still things I haven’t done yet,” she said, “one of them being today, having sex with The Porn Dude!” We chatted about her favorite scenes and our mutual friends, directing dirty movies and starring in them. “If it weren’t for porn, I wouldn’t have been able to explore as much of myself as I have!” After all that talk about sexy women and natural butts, I wanted to explore Kenzie, too. She grabbed my dick as soon as she saw it, playing with my balls and working the shaft. “You want me to put my mouth on it?” I did, but not before some dual-fisting handy action. “I don’t normally like redheads, but there’s something about you…” Those nimble fingers kept working as Kenzie wrapped her mouth around my boner. “You’re letting me wear your shoes, the least I can do is suck your cock!” She twisted her mouth around my dingdong and sucked my balls. I think she drained all the blood out of my huge head, because I had to sit down. “Do you want me to sit on your cock with my pussy?” she asked before doing just that. I smacked her ass as the couch creaked, her boobs knocking my glasses around. “You’re gonna make me fucking cum like that!” Her eyes rolled back as she got off, then she tasted her sauce on my sausage before hopping back on backwards. I stood Kenzie up and bent her over. I held her shoulders as I boned her, going deep as our bodies clapped together. “I can just feel that cock throbbing,” she moaned. “I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum!” Kenzie sat down, licked her fingers and started playing with herself. She rubbed her clit and stuck a digit inside, then spread her legs wide so I could lend her a helping hand. “There’s something about your glasses,” she said, getting onto her knees. “They’re nerdy and demanding.” She moaned as I gave it to her like a dog and played patty cake on her ass. “I can imagine you just fucking cumming all over my eyes,” she mused, setting the stage for what was to come. The seven-year smut veteran is no stranger to piledriver, and flipped happily into position as soon as I asked. I played with Kenzie’s clit as I dipped inside. “Keep doing that! You’re gonna make me cum!” I’d already lost count, but what’s another big O between friends? She climbed back on the couch, on her ass this time, legs wide as I stuck it to her. “I like watching it go in like that!” Honestly, I already knew that from the way her eyes rolled back and her toes curled as I pounded that tight pussy. “Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum!” I’m pretty sure the neighbors must have heard that one. “I want those balls drained in my fucking eyes,” Kenzie pleaded. She got down on her knees, giggling as she held those pretty peepers open and I hosed her down. “I’m gonna wear your shoes and your cum in my eyes home!” Showing off her beautiful smile and her sticky new makeup, Kenzie shared a few final words for the fans and blew a kiss.