My Stuck Step Mom Parts 1-3

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Description: Models Melanie Hicks, Cory Chase. Stuck Under The Bed My step-mom, Melanie, woke up one morning and she realized that her earring is missing from her ear! She hops out of bed and she begins to look underneath the bed. "Oh no, I think I'm stuck," she whispers to herself. I walk in to the room and I see Melanie's red shorts poking out from under the bed, but I can't see the rest of her body. "What are you doing?!" I ask her. "I'm stuck! Can you help me get out?!" she exclaims. I grab on to her red shorts and I try to pull her out. I end up pulling her shorts off instead! I take my fingers and I start to rub her pussy with my fingers. "What are you doing?! This isn't helping me get unstuck!" she cries out. "Sorry, I got distracted!" I tell her. I can feel my cock getting hard in my pants, so I decide to take advantage of this situation. I shove my cock in my step-mom's pussy and I tell her that maybe this will help her. I lift her shirt up so her big, natural tits are exposed while I fuck her. I keep fucking her pussy and when I am done enjoying myself, I grab her arm and I pull her out! "See! It worked! I got you free!" I exclaim. "You did, but I still can't find my earring" she tells me. I offer to help her find it later; I throw her clothes at her and I walk out of the room. Nude In The Kitchen My step-mom calls me in to the kitchen to discuss what I did the other day. "I thought it would be just a one time thing," I tell her. She starts to explain to me how my Aunt Cory fucks her own step-son and she wants to know if I will keep fucking her too. "If you're okay with that," I tell her. "I am! As long as you don't tell your step-father!" she tells me. I promise not to tell my step-dad, and Melanie opens up her bathrobe, exposing her naked body to me. She gets down on her knees and she starts to suck my hard cock. After a few minutes, she sits down on the kitchen chair and she waits for me to fuck her pussy in the missionary position. She gets up and turns around in the chair, so I can fuck her pussy from behind. I get to watch her big ass bounce up and down on my cock while her moans get louder. I end up cumming in her pussy and she reminds me not to tell anyone about our arrangement! MILF Glue My step-mom is wearing a black and white dress, as she calls out for my aunt Cory. Aunt Cory walks in to the room and she is wearing a bright yellow dress. Aunt Cory starts to explain to my step-mom what this invention called 'MILF Glue' is. "It makes older women stick to any surface!" she explains. "I don't believe that!" my step-mom tells her. Aunt Cory pours the MILF Glue on to Melanie's hands and then she tells Melanie to put her hands down on the desk. Melanie's hands instantly become stuck to the desk! "What do I do?! How do I get unstuck?!" Melanie cries out. My aunt Cory tells my step-mom that she has to call my cousin Luke in to the room. Aunt Cory pulls Melanie's big tits out from under her dress. Melanie rolls her eyes, because she is clearly annoyed at the situation. Luke's cock starts to get hard in his pants once he takes a look at Melanie's tits! Cory pulls Melanie's dress over her head, and Melanie cries out that she'll do whatever it takes to get unstuck! "Your step-son told me about what you two have been doing lately," Luke tells Melanie. "That was supposed to be a secret!" she cries out. Luke walks behind Melanie and he shoves his hard cock inside of her pussy. "Semen is the only thing that will help you get free!" Cory tells Melanie. Luke keeps fucking Melanie from behind, and Cory ends up stripping naked while she watches them fuck. Cory helps Melanie get her hands free, and then Melanie flips over in to the missionary position for Luke to keep fucking her. Cory starts to play with Melanie's tits while my cousin Luke fucks her pussy. When I get close to cumming, I pull my cock out and I jerk my cock off in to Melanie's mouth! "You have to swallow it all to de-activate the MILF Glue" Cory tells Melanie. Melanie swallows as much as she can!