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Description: WHEN MOM AND DAD'S ATTEMPTS TO HAVE SEX ARE INTERUPTED BY THEIR SON... MOM HAS AN IDEA.... SHE FUCKS HER SON JACK INTO THE GROUND...MAKING HIM SLEEPY... NOW MOM AND DAD CAN SCREW IN PEACE!!! Josey and her Husband are in bed...about to have sex...when their eldest Son, Jack interrupts them. Jack is full of energy...and not ready to go to bed. Jack keeps repeatedly coming into Mom and Dad's room, bothering them. First, he wants to know if one of them will play video games with him.....then he wants to know if he can watch the TV in their bedroom, because it's bigger than the one in the Living Room.....then he wants to know if Mom will make him a snack!! By the third which Mom already had Dad's cock in her mouth.....Mom has an idea. Mom asks Dad to go downstairs and give her 10 minutes alone with Jack. Once Dad leaves....Mom starts to rub Jack's crotch through his jeans...and get him excited. Mom knows that if she can just get Jack to ejaculate...he will get sleepy and head off to bed immediately. Mom proceeds to seduce Jack, and suck on his cock....let him lick her pussy...and then she lets her energetic Son pound get rid of all his energy...and finally Mom yanks a big load out of her Son's cock. Jack, as expected, gets sleepy after his massive ejaculation...and wonders off to bed. Dad returns....and now Mom and Dad can screw in peace!!
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