Ashley Adams - Behind The Scene 13.11.16

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Description: The busty beauty, known as Ashley Adams, is back on the Dogfart Network! Ashley was last seen milking a random black cock via a gloryhole. How can she top herself? How about a cuckold session with two additional cumshots? We talk to Ashley and co-star Leo Christensen about what she can expect in today's scene. Has she ever cuckolded a guy before? We then discuss the potential of Leo Christensen completely drenching Ashley Adams with his cumshot. Ashley seems up to the challenge of getting sprayed by Peter North version 2.0!! We then go over Ashley's wardrobe...and the awesomeness of her huge, natural tits. How big are they? How have they gotten her out of trouble? We then talk about why her rideshare passenger rating is so low. Perhaps showing her tits to the drivers would help out? We catch Ashley and Isiah warming up to one another before the scene. Her cuckold, Nathan Bronson, looks on while both performers cozy up. We end Ashley Adams' interracial creampie scene by watching her cover up the mess Leo Christensen and Nathan Bronson left on her face. Did Ashley expect that much jizz? We catch Ashley wiping her huge tits from the dripping, semen remnants. We end our day discussing why she loves shooting for The Dogfart Network, and the unnamed female performers that won't shoot for us "because of our name".
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