Katy Jayne - Behind The Scene

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Description: She's doing her third adult film ever....and it's her first interracial porn! Katy Jayne is a busty blonde from the United Kingdom. Before getting into adult video, Katy earned her keep by working in an adult video store back home. We discuss the various types of customers she encountered. Who was the creepiest? Who was the nicest? What was the code of conduct in the store? We finally touch on why she got into the business at the age of 28. We then discuss this being her first interracial scene and what she's heard of Mandingo. Is she a size queen? How many black guys has she been with off camera? After the wrap, we catch Katy moments before washing off after the scene. Katy gives a few more stories involving her time working in a sex shop. Katy remembers how a few customers were caught attempting to steal some of the sex toys. What did Katy think of her first interracial scene? Was Mandingo as big as she thought?
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