Chloe Couture - BTS

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Description: You last saw blonde beauty Chloe Couture getting stuffed by the legendary Mandingo -- and the fan feedback was through the roof! It was a no-brainer that we bring Chloe back for a trip to the infamous glory hole. We spoke to Chloe about her insatiable appetite for dick. Anytime. Anywhere. Almost any kind of cock.....she'll do them all! Chloe talks about her love of "fuck dates" and what they entail. How often is she opening up the mouth and pussy for strangers off the internet? How many cocks has she tallied up since doing the internet "app" thing? Chloe gives great detail on what goes down, what's expected, and where the romp usually occurs. We change the topic to her excitement on visiting a raunchy adult bookstore. After we wrap, we catch Chloe in the bathroom immediately following her anal glory hole scene. What are her thoughts on interracial sex? Has she done much public sex? Chloe then discusses how she's having a "normal date" this evening. She talks about where and how she met this random guy. We end with Chloe talking about the deal breakers when it comes to whether or not she'll drop the panties.
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