Yorkshire Filth

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Description: Model Roxxie Sweethart. This one’s for anyone who’s ever knocked one out dreaming about what Helena Bonham-Carter’s like in the sack. Or rather imagining that foxy HBC (who’s playing naughty royal Princess Margaret in the forthcoming third series of The Crown) loves it really rough like a good little PascalsSubSlut. Just ignore Roxxie Sweethart’s Yorkshire accent and you’re pretty much there. Or pretend that HBC’s method-fucking her way through this week’s scene as Princess M pretending to be a Northern commoner. And being filmed at the same time. Any of those options works. Such are the indulgent speculations of private fantasy, and I’m certainly not suggesting that HBC has or Princess M had any leanings whatsoever towards such sexual activity. Roxxie Sweethart on the other hand – she’s filth. And we’ve got the evidence against her down tight. Roxxie’s 32 and this is her first scene. She was a total slag up until she got married, fucking three or four cocks a week. We don’t treat her well. We slap her around, choke the fuck out of her, and throat-fuck her with a big dildo all the way down to the hilt. She even does it herself when Pascal’s ramming her sploshy cunt. She cums pretty much within a minute of him sliding his dick into her and then doesn’t stop.
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