First Piss - Kevin Learns Sex

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Description: First Piss - Kevin Learns Sex - Young Cock Kevin Part II. Model Viktoria Goo. Uncut! I recently brought a young man from the pub: Kevin. Kevin is still very inexperienced and was allowed to cum in a mouth for the first time. But Kevin wants to learn more. He wants to fuck me! My condition: Show me first that you can piss! That was of course a hard condition for the shy Kevin: D He drank almost 4 liters of water, because actually he said, he can not do that, pee a pretty woman's mouth ... But thanks to the 4 l he can - and Piss me say and write 2 minutes long swallowing mouth full! And since my cameraman now also pushes the bubble, there is still a pressure refueling for my mouth I am looking for a review!
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